Meet up with warm welcome from  out representive at Railway station and follow drive through busy road of the Varanasi to reach your pre booked hotel. After some realxing hours you will head to :
 towards River Ganga by narrow galli of Varanasi. Will see Ganga Arti (6:30 pm ) on boat after the Ganga arti will be over you will get the boat ride to all different 80 ghats of Varanasi .
Before ending your day have a look on FACTORY of BANARASI SAREES where you will see the process of weaving traditional banarasi sarees where you can shop newly manufactured sarees . After a tiring day we will come back to our hotel to have dinner and rest at the hotel.

After you have done your complimentary breakfast we will depart for Allahabad in early morning and will reach to see firstly

  • Anand Bhavan, the mansion of Motilal Nehru, father of Jawaharlal Nehru.This building served as a common meeting place in Allahabad for the Congress leaders. Currently, all of these, preserved as a museum in the memory of Congress leaders in the freedom struggle.
  • Agra Fort The fort, constructed by the Mughal emperor, Akbar, to house the sacred tree of Akshayavat for the Hindus.This fort is undoubtedly an epitome of Mughal architecture and engineering skills.
  • The Akshayavat Tree A fig tree sacred to the Hindu religion, the Akshayavat  According to a mythical legend of the Hindus, Sage Markandeya once asked Lord Vishnu or Narayana to demonstrate his powers to the world. In response, the lord flooded the entire planet, but even then, only the Akshaayavat could be seen above the water.
  • After all these we will reach Triveni Sangam The meeting point or the confluence of three of the most important rivers Ganga Yamuna and Sarawati in the Hindu religion, it often a host to some of the most important fair called the Kumbh Mela. You will take holy dip in sacred water and after bath we will head towards

Sleeping Hanuman Temple is famous for being the only temple where Lord Hanuman is seen in a recline posture



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